I’ve had the opportunity to work with startups, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs to help their businesses fund, sustain and grow.

2000+ students, $200 million and 10 years later...

There are 3 MAJOR Coaching Options available depending on your current business needs and budget.

The MOST Popular Option is the 4 Session Package in which I will work with you over the course of four (2 hour) sessions either online or in person. This option gives you the opportunity to have the key components of your fundraising efforts strategized, prepared and ready to execute.

Our second Coaching Option is to have a ( 2 Hour ) Clarity Session. In this session, we will get LASER Focused on ONE Major Topic that you want to work on. Whether it’s a campaign, event or public speaking strategies, we will work on it together.

The third package is for those who need something more exclusive. The Custom Package is available if you need me onsite in your business for the day, or if you’d like me to create a 1 Day or ½ Day Session for you. To do a custom package, please email us the details of your project.

For more information and to obtain a fee schedule, please contact us at learn@fundjoy.org.

Do you need laser-focused advice regarding your business, start-up or nonprofit? Let's talk? This is an INTENSE 2 Hour Session where you and I will ZERO in on One MAJOR topic, obstacle, or project. You will fill out a questionnaire, so that I can get SUPER familiar with your project AND do some preliminary research, then my assistant will schedule you on the calendar. You and I will meet online or in-person and get to work for 2 full hours.

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This is for serious nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to:

  1. Identify and cultivate funders, investors, donors
  2. Zero in on campaign and fundraising goals
  3. Crush the fear of public speaking
  4. Prepare for the next pitch meeting

Here are what clients have used my session for in the past:

  • Strategies to help your organization Fund, Sustain and Grow
  • Public speaking strategies for entrepreneurs, start-ups and nonprofit leaders
  • Using The Assertive Ask method in your fundraising efforts
  • Strategies to increase engagement from your board and/or development team
  • Increasing your social fundraising efforts via social media
  • Review, critique and modify your next campaign
  • Creating an event timeline to streamline your efforts
  • Laser-focused advice for the new entrepreneur, startup, or business professional

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Custom coaching is available if you need a special combination package created for you, you need me to fly into your city or country, be onsite with you, create a full day or 1/2 session for your business or work hand-in-hand at your business for a block of time.

For a custom package email us here.

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