I’ve worked with startups, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs to help their businesses fund, sustain and grow.

2000+ students, $200 million and 10 years later...

There are 3 consulting options available depending on your current business needs and budget.

The MOST popular option is Virtual Ongoing Consultation in which I will work with you over three, six, or nine months. This option gives you the opportunity to have the key components of your fundraising efforts strategized, prepared and ready to execute. Each month, we update your development plan, address fundraising issues and answer your questions.

Our second consulting option is to have a Two-Hour Virtual Clarity Session. In this session, we will get laser-focused on ONE Major Topic that you want to work on. Whether it’s virtual fundraising or online event strategies, we will work on it together.

The third option is for those who need something more exclusive. The Custom Package is available if you need me if you’d like me to create a 1 Day or ½ Day Virtual Session for you, your board and your development team. To receive a custom package, please email us the details of your project.

For more information and a fee schedule, please contact us at complete the client questionnaire below.

Client Questionnaire